MKUP is using affordable price to provide the bestquality of cosmectics.
Our products are designed in order to achieve the most flawless finish.
By using MKUP, everyone can easily transform into a beautiful shiny lady without skills.

customer Service hour:Mon - Fri 08:30 ~ 12:00 , 13:30 ~ 17:00 (except national holidays)


🔸ECOCERT certified
🔸 Zero skills make-up products, strive to improve, overcome customer problems and requirements,
insist on not giving up, do the best, not rely on large-scale advertising, no expensive endorsements, present a true perfect side!

Company Name: 綺麗絲國際有限公司
Customer Service Number: 0222660511
Store Address: 新北市236土城區永豐路96巷8號